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Wedding Essentials

Torn hem? No problem

Prepare an emergency kit packed with what you need for quick fixes on your wedding day
February 1, 2009
By: New Paper Wedding Planner
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Torn hem? No problem

All brides-to-be have heard stories of the disasters that can happen on the wedding day. To save yourself from the pain of having your big day ruined because of a small accident, prepare an emergency kit. Here are some essential items that should be packed in it:

  1. Underarm deodorant stick: Don’t underestimate the power this little stick holds.

  2. Mini sewing kit: The torn hem– that usually tops the list of the most common wedding day boo-boos. Just make sure that the kit comes with threads the colours of the bridal gown and groom's suit. It's also wise to include a few neutral-coloured buttons and press-studs in the pack.

  3. Cotton swabs: These can be used in most quick-fix solutions. Here’s just one way they can come in handy. Pricked your finger on the thorns of the hand bouquet and stained your gown with a drop of blood? Dab your tongue with the cotton swab, gently rub it on the bloodstain and let the acids in your saliva do their job.

  4. Hairspray: We know it can keep our gravity-defying hairdos in place. But not many of us know there’s this other clever use of hairspray. Then again, not many couples get their outfits stained with ink while signing the wedding certificate on their big day. Here’s the quick-fix remedy: Simply apply a touch of hairspray to a cotton swab, then rub lightly over the stain.

  5. Clear nail polish: It’s a common solution for stocking runs, yet this handy little bottle is easily overlooked by even the most astute helpers during the packing stage. Dab the polish around the hole or at both ends of the run to stop the hole from growing bigger.

  6. Concealer: Imagine my horror when I woke up on my wedding day to find a huge pimple just above my lip. Luckily, my make-up artiste promptly reduced the redness of the pimple by gently dabbing the spot with ice covered in a clean towel. He made sure I took along a concealer the whole day and reminded me not to pick at the detestable spot. The zit hardly showed up in any of the wedding pictures.

  7. Talcum powder: Besides helping to refresh you between outfit changes, talcum powder is also a quick fix for oil stains. Sprinkle the powder over the stain. Wait for about 10 minutes for the moisture to be absorbed, then dust off with a clean towel. Remember also to have safety pins, packets of tissue papers, oil blotters for shinymugs on stand-by and don't forget those breath mints. This list is not exhaustive, of course. But being well prepared can give you and your groom the peace of mind to go through the most important day of your lives as stress-free as possible. Now, that is simply priceless.


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