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Party like it’s your last day being single

Stumped for ideas on your last night as a swinging bachelorette? Try ours
February 1, 2008
By: The New Paper Wedding Planner
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Party like it’s your last day being single

You have the towering wedding cake ordered, the perfect white dress ready, the place cards elegantly hand-written, and a romantic honeymoon booked.

After months of frenzy with wedding preparations, you deserve to let your hair down before you start developing pre-wedding jitters. So don’t put aside the idea of throwing a hen party, even if you have overshot your wedding budget.

If you think that a hen party is passe, it is, if you are thinking of male strippers, tequila and fishnet stockings.

Forget about getting drunk and unhooking your bra. That is passe. A hen party is supposed to be all about you, embracing your expiring days of freedom as a single woman together with your best girlfriends.

Before you said “yes” to the guy who’s on one knee before you, (I hope) you were mentally prepared to be a dedicated loving wife.

Pull out all stops on planning your hen party. This is your chance to make up for all the activities you are going to miss after you say “I do.”

  • Start by picking a theme. Having a theme helps you expand on quirky ideas and makes your hen party a memorable one. Themes also prepare your girls to come appropriately dressed.

  • List the activities
    You don’t have to crack your head with over-the-top ideas, just activities that you and your besties enjoy.

  • Prepare what you need
    Save on costs by checking on promotions if you will be out partying, booking a hotel room or taking a flight.

  • Fuel for partying
    A good supply of food and alcohol to keep the energy and spirits high. Keep in mind the nature of your activities and order appropriate food that goes well with your party’s theme.

For the Karaoke Junkie

Theme: Sing till you croak
What to do: 18-hr KTV marathon
What you need: Deluxe KBox KTV room
F&Booze: Whisky, vodka (good for the throat) and finger food

For the Mahjong Kaki

Theme: 5 day mahjong marathon
What to do: Try not to lose all your money for your honeymoon
What you need: 1 mahjong table and set, 3 kakis
F&Booze: Vodka Redbull, fast-food delivery

For the Flirtatous Tease

Theme: Party, party, party!
What to do: Rent a mini bus and club crawl till dawn. Then, rest at Balcony which opens 24 hrs.
What you need: Good shoes, alcohol tolerance
F&Booze: All kinds of alcohol, tapas

For the Shopping Addict

Theme: Earn and shop party
What to do: Set up a mini bazaar in a hotel suite. Prep your friends to bring clothes that they want to sell or trade.
What you need: Fashionista friends
F&Booze: Pre-made cocktails, champagne, canapes


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