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Painting the perfect bridal gown

Delicate white lace gown with $4mil worth of diamonds and replica oil painting to be auctioned off at bridal exhibition next Feb
The Straits Times - December 13, 2011
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Painting the perfect bridal gown PHOTO: DESMOND LUI FOR THE STRAITS TIMES

Madam Irene Teo, 50, designer and owner of local wedding boutique Irene's Creation, adorning an oil painting with diamonds and rubies.

The artwork, which features the likeness of a delicate gown of white lace, will be displayed with the real version of the gown at a bridal exhibition in February next year.

When it is finished, the gown will be studded with more than 20 carats of diamonds worth over $4 million. The gown and painting will be auctioned at the exhibition, which will be held at the Fullerton Hotel.



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