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No blushing, brides discuss sex at party

Singapore Brides forum, a popular online wedding resource, gathered brides-to-be and talks about private issues.
The Straits Times - January 27, 2013
By: Jalelah Abu Baker
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No blushing, brides discuss sex at party Ms Jeannette Ho, 29, founder of Brides To Be 2012, a group on the Singapore Brides Forum, playing a game at the pyjama-themed gathering yesterday. -- PHOTO: SAM CHIN FOR THE SUNDAY TIMES

Fifty brides who were married last year met last night, some for the first time, to talk about sex.

They discussed the best positions to conceive, erectile dysfunction and how many times is best.

The private event held at a restaurant was organised to celebrate the start of their respective marital journeys. And because the gathering was a pyjama-themed party, the women, aged between 24 and 35, turned up at The Tastings Room in Marina Square in their best nightwear.

They first met on the Singapore Brides forum, a popular online wedding resource, and later progressed to having a private Facebook group for those marrying last year.

For about a year, the 200 women in the group shared all sorts of private problems - issues with wedding preparations, mothers-in-law and husbands-to-be. They also exchanged reviews of photographers, venues and gowns.

Ms Jeannette Ho, 29, a patients accounts officer who started the Facebook group, said the event was a "celebration of hardship" that the women went through during the pre-wedding process.

The evening started out with a mingling session before they were joined by the only man - gynaecologist Peter Chew.

For an hour, he spoke about bedroom matters, a topic chosen by the new wives. After his talk, the women asked several questions.

Dr Chew, who regularly gives such talks, said it was the first time he had given one in such an informal setting, and added that women have become more vocal about problems they face in the bedroom.

Research officer Audrey Wang, 28, one of the organisers, said: "Having a group that was going through the same things at the same time made the whole process less scary."


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