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More Singaporean couples going for Korean-style wedding photoshoots

An increasing number of Singaporean couples are opting for Korean-themed wedding photoshoots instead of the normal wedding packages.
Asia One - March 20, 2013
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More Singaporean couples going for Korean-style wedding photoshoots

Recent RazorTV reports revealed this interesting local trend.

In a RazorTV interview, Chua Weiling, who had opted for a Korean style wedding photshoot package, revealed why she chose to do so.

She mentioned that did the usual and signed up for a pre-wedding photography package with a local studio. But she was so dissatisfied with the service and heavy makeup, that she threw in another $5,000 to do a second bridal shoot - all the way in Korea, Korean style.

Ms Chua told RazorTV that the local studio was unable to deliver the looks she wanted, "but for Korean, we didn't have to worry at all. They are capable of creating those looks that is natural on you, and brings out your facial features."


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