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Mass wedding on 20-11-2011 to meet huge demand

Some 34 solemnisers will be at the event
The Straits Times - September 13, 2011
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Mass wedding on 20-11-2011 to meet huge demand

ON 20-11-2011, Ms Emily Lin will be making a grand entrance as a bride via a dragon boat.

On that hot date for tying the knot - there are already 294 couples slated to say 'I do' at the Registry of Marriages - she had initially found it hard to book the services of a solemniser.

'I tried calling many and they all said they were fully booked,' said Ms Lin, 28, a community management executive at the People's Association (PA).

Fortunately, she heard about a mass wedding event, including a renewal of vows, at Marina Waterfront on Nov 20 and signed up. Organised by the Family Life section of the PA and Chinese newspaper Lianhe Wanbao, the event will stretch from mid-afternoon till night.

'Many couples were telling us that they were having difficulty securing solemnisers on this date. So we thought, why not enlist the help of our own solemnisers and celebrate it together as a community?' said Ms Joan Pereira, director of family life and active ageing at the PA.

Some 34 solemnisers will be at the event. Currently in its third year, it hopes to attract 188 couples by providing a fuss-free, one-stop service.

Some couples will get the opportunity to make their grand entrances in Chinese wedding sedans or by cruising in on river boats and dragon boats.

The dragon boat idea came from Ms Lin, who first met her fiance in 2003 at dragon boat training sessions organised by the PA.

The Nov 20 event is also for those who wish to renew wedding vows. 'We hope that when a young couple look upon an older couple as they renew their vows, they will remember that marriage is not for a day but a lifetime,' said Ms Pereira.

Hotels are also reporting brisk business for that date. Wedding venues at The Fullerton Hotel are fully booked, with most reservations made a year in advance.

'We have observed that dates with a distinct numerical pattern are very popular with couples,' said Mr Giovanni Viterale, general manager of The Fullerton Heritage whose assets include The Fullerton Hotel and Fullerton Bay Hotel.



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