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Love 'frozen' in time for World Marriage Day

50 married couples and families participate in a 'freeze flash mob' event
The Sunday Times - February 12, 2012
By: Chong Ning Qian
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Love 'frozen' in time for World Marriage Day -- ST PHOTO: TED CHEN

'Public Notice: Please do not be alarmed. Just happily married couples having fun.' So read the signs held by volunteers at Ngee Ann City on Sunday afternoon.

At 4pm, about 50 married couples and families participated in a 'freeze flash mob' event lasting five minutes.

The event - 'Love In The City' - was organised by Worldwide Marriage Encounter (Singapore) to celebrate World Marriage Day, which is on Feb 14.

It aimed to show the world that happy marriages are still possible today. Onlookers walking past Ngee Ann City paused for a moment to look at the couples and families, who froze in positions that were supposed to represent love.

One family formed a heart shape with their arms, while beside them, a man went down on one knee to present roses to his wife of 40 years.

Participants held signs that read they had been 'happily married' for however many years.

This is the second year that the event has been held.




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