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Insights into old Chinese wedding customs

A two-week exhibition at Millenia Walk gives visitors a look into Chinese weddings of yore
The Straits Times - January 8, 2012
By: Carolyn Kiew
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Insights into old Chinese wedding customs A tea set used in tea ceremonies as well as items that were given as part of a bride's dowry

Most people would have seen the Chinese bridal sedan of yore only in period dramas on television or in movies.

After all, this mode of transport for weddings was probably last used a century back.

But a two-week exhibition that opened last Friday at Millenia Walk gives visitors a sense of what took place then.

The event, open to the public, showcases a 100-year-old wooden sedan, shipped in from China, and other antiques and replicas.

The organiser, non-profit group Chinese Wedding Association (CWA), wanted to create awareness of traditional Chinese wedding customs.

It also held the event to raise funds for activities to educate children aged four to 12 about Chinese identity, culture and values.

These include free workshops for primary schools and special schools for the handicapped.

'We feel we should provide them with the basic concept... As long as they have the concept, they are no longer strangers to Chinese tradition and culture,' said CWA founder Sean Lui, 38, director of Heritage Wedding Gallery.

CWA, founded in July last year, aims to pass on knowledge about Chinese values and culture to the next generation.

Mr Lui said young people should have opportunities to learn about the significance of Chinese customs and practices, such as the giving of hongbao during Chinese New Year.

Mr Gary Gan, 59, a senior manager who was at the exhibition, felt it was a step in the right direction. 'We have to keep the culture alive or young people will forget about it,' he said.



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