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Wedding Essentials

I Dos and Don’ts

You don’t want the start of your wedded bliss to be blitzed. Here are some tips to make sure your walk up the aisle goes smoothly.
The Straits Times - January 11, 2010
By: Shaan Seth
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I Dos and Don’ts

Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life – but bad planning can turn the happy couple into bride and gloom. Some people prefer to organise the whole do themselves, but many couples looking for a little help head to a bridal agency or a wedding planner.

But before you sign on the dotted line and fork out thousands of dollars, do a little homework first.

Here are some tips for getting hitched, hitch-free:

  • Shop around. Always ask about all the packages available so you aren’t sold one that’s more expensive.

  • Make sure verbal promises made by the wedding planner are also committed to paper.

  • Check your planner’s or agency’s credentials.

  • Meet the designer of your wedding gown before signing up for a package. You need to be sure that you’ll be able to work together to create a dress right for you.

  • Know what you’re paying for. If you’re dealing with a wedding planner, ask if he marks up prices that the vendors he deals with charge. Ask plenty of questions and make sure you get a list of what’s included and what’s not, so you’re not surprised by hidden costs later.

  • Look through bridal albums and pick a photographer whose style you like. Otherwise, you might be given any available snapper.

  • Get a trial make-up session so you get to discuss your preferences with the make-up artist.

  • Find out how long you’ll have with your make-up artist and hairstylist on the day. They may have to go to another event. Ensure there’s enough time to create the look you want.


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