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Wedding Essentials

How to choose a wedding date

6 factors to consider before you decide on the perfect wedding date
ST701 Editorial Team - April 28, 2014
By: Cheryl Mah
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How to choose a wedding date

So you’ve proposed to the girl of your dreams and she’s accepted – now it’s time to decide on a wedding date. Where do you start? Here are some considerations:

Are you free?

If either of you have a job that has certain peak periods or require you to be out of town, you will need to look through your schedule and decide on a date where you are both able to get married. Nothing is worse than not being able to get away from work, even if it’s your wedding day.

Is it meaningful?

Choose a date that is meaningful to the both of you – like the day you met or fell in love, or even a combination of your birthdays.

Is it auspicious?

Are you or your parents superstitious? You may need to consult an almanac before you select the right date for your wedding.

Is it a public holiday or commemorative occasion?

Bear in mind that venues, caterers and photographers may be difficult to book if you choose a popular wedding date like Valentine’s Day.

What is the season?

December may be a popular wedding month, but bear in mind that it is also the rainy season. If your heart is set on an outdoor wedding, be sure to have a wet weather plan ready.

Do you have enough time to save up?

You may be dying to get married in the next 6 months, but remember that weddings tend to be an expensive affair and you may need a longer time to be able to save up and afford your fairytale wedding!

The date choice for a wedding is crucial as it needs to be a date that everyone can plan around. Nonetheless it is essential that both you and your fiancée are agreeable to the date. After all, it IS one of the most important dates of your life!


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