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574 couples will tie the knot today, but more covet Nov 20
The Straits Times - November 11, 2011
By: Stacey Chia
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Hot dates Ms Beatrice Ng, 23, and Mr Stephen Moore, 34, are one of the couples getting married today. -- PHOTO: CANDICE LEE

ADMINISTRATOR Beatrice Ng, 23, who is getting married today to art teacher Stephen Moore, 34, started making her wedding plans only five months ago.

She did worry about not being able to lock down all the arrangements for this 'triple-11' hot date, she said.

'It's a special date, and it also represents the 11-year age difference between Stephen and I. We would have settled for another date, but it just won't be as special.'

Special as 11.11.2011 is, it still cannot beat Nov 20 - 20.11.2011 - as a hot date for weddings, say Registry of Marriages figures, wedding planners and hotels.

The Singapore Flyer will do evenly well on the two dates. It is fully booked for wedding solemnisations, which are held as the observation wheel makes a turn over the Singapore skyline.

The Registry of Marriages website shows that 574 couples will tie the knot today, and 607 on Nov 20.

On last year's hot date, Oct 20, 206 couples got married.

Mr Gordon Ang, director of wedding consultancy Wedding Matters, attesting to the popularity of Nov 20 over today, said he had received a dozen requests for his services today, and more than 20 for Nov 20.

He declined all these jobs.

'We try not to do weddings on hot dates. It's hard to make arrangements because it's packed everywhere,' he said.

Mr Desmond Su, who owns Chinese wedding goods specialist Minah Departmental Store, said the popularity of Nov 20 over Nov 11 does not have anything to do with Chinese superstition, and that both dates are equally good for weddings.

Another wedding planner, Ms Clarice Hee from Wedding Acts, has a more down-to-earth explanation: Weekends are still more popular for weddings, and Nov 20 is a Sunday.

Her company has received twice as many clients for Nov 20, with the earliest inquiries coming in at the start of the year.

Hotels told The Straits Times that they are fully booked today and on Nov 20, but that the later date is more popular.

The Pan Pacific Hotel advises couples eyeing special dates to make their bookings at least 11/2 years in advance.

With many couples having had difficulty securing solemnisers on Nov 20, the People's Association and Chinese-language newspaper Lianhe Wanbao will hold a mass wedding at the Marina Waterfront on Nov 20 for 102 couples, 10 of whom are renewing their vows.

The triple-11 idea still wins out for some folks, though. Mr Alan Low, a 29-year-old engineer, was so adamant about getting married today that Nov 20 did not even cross his mind.

He said: 'If we didn't get this date, we would have just waited another year, to get married on 12.12.12.'

Meanwhile, on the sidelines of all this preoccupation with 'special' wedding dates, 300 singles here are claiming today as Singles Day.

They will attend a party organised by the Association of Dating Agencies & Matchmakers at Soul Club in Odeon Towers tonight.

Nov 11, with its double 11 denoting singlehood, was first marked in the Chinese city of Nanjing in 1993, and has since become a day to celebrate the single state in China and South Korea.

On this day, singles in China will typically eat four you tiao (deep-fried dough fritters), representing singlehood.

For a Singapore twist, those at the Soul party tonight will tuck into satay.

Ms Cynthia Tan, 33, who is in between jobs, will be there.

She said: 'I'm happy being single, but I hope to meet someone soon, so I can perhaps get married in the next two years.'

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Popular dates this year


  • Nov 11, 2011: 574 marriages



  • Nov 20, 2011: 607 marriages


These dates are popular because they are double dates (11.11.11 and 20.11.2011)

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  • Feb 6, 2012 (Chinese Valentine's Day)



  • Feb 14, 2012 (Valentine's Day)



  • Sept 30, 2012 (15th day of the eighth lunar month)


Popular dates in the past


  • June 6, 2006: 304 marriages



  • June 20, 2006: 165 marriages



  • July 7, 2007 (Saturday): 766 marriages



  • July 20, 2007: 147 marriages



  • Aug 8, 2008: 294 marriages



  • Aug 20, 2008: 59 marriages



  • Sept 9, 2009: 347 marriages



  • Sept 20, 2009 (Sunday): 621 marriages



  • Oct 10, 2010 (Sunday): 724 marriages



  • Oct 20, 2010: 206 marriages





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