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Wedding Essentials

Glam it up with your gown!

All eyes will be trained on you on your wedding day so go on and dazzle your guests with your wedding gown.
January 8, 2010
By: The New Paper Wedding Planner
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Glam it up with your gown!

It’s your wedding and you’re the star.

And to achieve star status, you need to look like one. Never underestimate how the right wedding gown can give you that glamorous feeling.

While some wedding gown designs are forever tastefully classic, you should still be aware of what the current trends are.

Here are the trends for gowns in 2010, and we’ve categorised them based on some of Hollywood’s most popular movies:

The Princess Bride

It’s all about simple lines, gorgeous fabrics and a classic train.

This is as classic as it gets. Guess what, it still works.

The Way We Were

Think old Hollywood glamour. The lines are sleek and the emphasis is on the nipped-in-the-waist look. Lace trimmings and a high collar finishes the outfit.

The Little Mermaid

The mermaid dress is making a comeback. This is very flattering for those with the hourglass figure, for the full va-va-vroom effect.

Primary Colours

You think bride and you think of a white gown, but how about giving other colours a chance?

There are more brides willing to go for beige or off-white for their gowns nowadays, but other colours like greys and blues have been seen on the catwalks.

Of course, if an all-colour gown is too much for you, think of adding subtle touches to your white dress.

Pastels like teal and pink can add an attention-grabbing highlight to a simple dress.

Gone with the Wind

Remember Scarlett O’Hara’s floaty multi-tier dresses? You can do that with the wedding dress too. It’s also a great way to make an impactful entrance.


Everything that shimmers and shines is hot for the year. You should look like a scintillating star as you glide down the catwalk with your groom.

Shiny fabrics are a good way to get that. Another idea – crystals on the bodice can add a subtle touch.

But that said, remember that the trends are not important.

You are.

As long as you find the silhouette of the dress flattering, and it serves your purpose and look, go for it.

Ditch fashion trends and go with your heart.

Remember that you’re the star!


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