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Get ready to be the belle of the ball

Crash dieting for your big day? Forget it. Just plan in advance and all shall be a breeze
January 13, 2010
By: The New Paper Wedding Planner
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Get ready to be the belle of the ball

It is not an exaggeration to say that, for a bride, her wedding day would be the equivalent to Oscar night for an actress.

It’s as if you have been nominated for Best Actress: All eyes are on you and you’re expected to look your best. And heaven forbid that you end up on the worst dressed list.

To look your movie star best, plan way ahead.

Here are some suggestions, ranging from facials to treatments and fitting into your wedding gown. Remember, when it comes to health, rushing to lose weight should never be an option.

So if you’re planning to lose a few inches before the wedding, don’t go on a crash diet. Give yourself a six-month deadline.

Start by eating well and exercising regularly. For the latter routine, there are treatments and exercise equipment that should help you out.

Same goes for your skin. As a bride, with the spotlight constantly trained on you, make sure you give yourself enough time to treat your skin and turn up glowing on your big day.

You’ll need to give yourself at least three months to work on your skin’s health.

A cleansing, toning and moisturising regime will be extremely important, but there are experts who can provide treatments to give your skin that additional boost.

And while the external you may be getting help, the internal may need some rejuvenation as well. If you’re planning to have children fairly quickly after marriage, be sure to get the right health supplements.

But it is very important that you see a doctor before you start anything.

Also a yearly check-up is always a good thing, so make an appointment with your doctor before you proceed.

So once you get the okay from the doctor and you’re ready to adjust your health routine, you’ll be the belle of the ball you were meant to be.

Remember, think like a star and get ready for your close-up!


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