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Get her to say “yes"! to your marriage proposal

Check out these tips on how you can plan the perfect marriage proposal this Valentine’s Day
ST701 Editorial Team - January 25, 2014
By: Cheryl Mah
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Get her to say “yes"! to your marriage proposal

You’ve been with your girl for a while now and you finally feel ready to pop the question. While the question is an easy one to ask, planning how to pop it in the right way may be utterly nerve-wrecking. Nevertheless, keeping a calm mind will help you put together a great proposal plan.

Here are 10 tips to guide you through:

1. Contemplate the strength of your relationship
It may not occur to some men, but it is crucial to first and foremost consider how strong your relationship is before you decide to propose. If you aren’t sure what her answer is going to be, you may want to take some time out to find out if she thinks you are The One for her too.

2. Get her parents’ blessing
You’re not asking for their permission but their blessing to marry their beloved daughter. While a little old fashioned, your future parents-in-law will be able to see your sincerity and well intentions when you share with them how much you love their daughter, how she completes you and that you are excited about making her happy for the rest of her life. This will also provide a great bonding experience for you and them.

Keep it a surprise
Refrain from telling too many people about your plan to propose, especially those who are close to her or who might accidentally spill the beans. Your plan would be wasted if someone spoilt the surprise for her.

4. Don’t ask it randomly
The worst thing you can do is to randomly pop the question to her eg. when you’re tipsy from drinking too much and asking her to marry you. This only shows your lack of effort and may come across as insincere.

5. Consider her personality
While some girls yearn for a surprise proposal in front of thousands of people, others may prefer to be surprised in a quiet place or in front of close family members and friends only. If your lady is not someone who likes to draw attention to herself, ensure that your proposal doesn’t include a whole lot of random strangers gawking at you or you may end up embarrassing the both of you when she decides to walk away without giving you the answer you had hoped for.

6. Be careful with the ring
Spent two months of your hard-earned salary on that sparkler? Then guard it well. In spite of your creativity, your girl may not want to have to dig up sand on the beach to find her ring or accidentally choke on the ring that you decided to hide in her ice-cream.

7. Keep eye contact
Look into her eyes and keep eye contact. She will see that you mean what you are saying and it will show your confidence in knowing you can build a wonderful future together.

8. Tell her you love her (and speak it from the heart)
She’d love to hear that she’s got the most beautiful smile in the world or that you feel happy when you’re with her, but it’s equally – if not more important – to remind her that you love her for who she is too. She may not be the most perfect person in the world, but she is perfect for you, right?

9. Get down on your knee
This may sound corny and clichéd, but most girls probably have fantasised about the day when their Prince Charming would get down on his knee and beg for her hand in marriage. Don’t spoil her dream just because you think it’s silly. Besides, her family and friends would probably ask if you got down on one knee. Let her give them the answer they want.

10. Practice makes perfect
Want to make sure you do all of the above properly? Then make sure you practise! Practise while you’re in the shower, do it in the mirror or while you’re driving… Propose to your dog or cat too, if it will help you gain more confidence for the actual big moment.

Follow these tips and you’ll be ready to plan the best way to propose to your lady love. All the best!


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