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Celeb brides love her

Fatimah Mohsin (above) had never been to a Malay wedding and had blonde hair when she did her first make-up job for a Malay bride.
The New Paper - July 26, 2013
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Celeb brides love her

Now, 14 years later, the 38-year-old wedding boutique owner’s services are highly sought after by local Malay brides and celebrities. She set up Fatimah Mohsin The Wedding Gallery in 2003, and her job has taken her around the world.

Among the big names she has worked with are TV host Nurul Aini and singer-actress Norfasarie, whose wedding make-up and outfits she sponsored.

Madam Fatimah will also be working with Suria actor-presenter Fauzie Laily and his fiancee Nurul Huda Abdul Khalid for their wedding in October.


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