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S'pore holidaymakers keep foreign cash

SINGAPORE - Besides the souvenirs they buy while on holiday, Singaporean travellers are also coming home with another kind of keepsake - leftover foreign currency.
Asia One - July 31, 2013
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S'pore holidaymakers keep foreign cash

A recent survey found that Singaporeans have an average of about $177 worth of foreign cash, comprising dollar bills and coins, lying unused at home.

The findings, released yesterday by travel-search website Skyscanner, showed that 98 per cent of respondents returned home with leftover foreign cash, with 54 per cent of them saying that they believed the amount to be worth $100 or more.

Some 14 per cent of the travellers said the amount was between $50 and $100, while the remaining 32 per cent estimated the cash to be worth $5 to $50.

A total of 1,000 Singaporean adults, aged 18 and older, were polled in March for the study.

The Skyscanner report estimated that there is $247 million worth of foreign currency being kept by Singaporeans from their holidays, based in part on past figures.

Ms Michelle Yin, marketing communications manager at Chan Brothers Travel, said Singaporeans travel a lot, and accumulating $177 over two years, perhaps arising from two to three trips each year, is possible.

Ms Yin estimated that $30 could be the excess each trip and is a "reasonable" amount for emergencies and extra shopping expenditure.

She said Singaporeans tend to prepare for rainy days, so "they will surely (provide for a) buffer", keeping more cash on hand, rather than be caught short during their tour, which can affect their mood while on holiday.


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