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Spend an awesome winter in Austria

Shopping for a great vacation? Here’s a great spot to head for
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - December 16, 2009
By: Sheila Lim
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Spend an awesome winter in Austria

The idea of soaking up the traditional Yuletide atmosphere in a snow-covered winter wonderland seems most appealing. Imagine being serenaded by carollers and entertained by street performers; browsing through market stalls set against the magical backdrop of lofty, snow-covered mountains, ancient cathedrals, magnificent castles and twinkling live Christmas trees; picking up handmade Christmas decorations and other lovely handicraft items; catching whiffs of invigorating pine-scented air; warming yourself up with mugs of hot Glühwein (mulled wine), munching on gingerbread, waffles, chestnuts, baked potatoes, fried sausages and other festive goodies along the way...

There are plenty of great spots to enjoy such wintertime experiences throughout Europe, and one of them is Austria. This tiny country offers a wealth of winter attractions, such as Christmas markets, Alpine ski resorts (we're talking 4,000ft vertical drops!) and mineral-rich thermal spas.

Austria’s Christmas markets are a long-standing tradition, and the oldest and best-known in Europe. Vienna’s largest and oldest Christmas market (or Christkindlmarkt), which dates back over 700 years, starts operating from mid-November at the Rathausplatz (City Hall Square) and draws millions of visitors each year.

The performances by choirs from around the world in Festival Hall during weekends and Christmas workshops for kids held inside City Hall provide more reasons for travellers to spend the Yuletide season in this fascinating winter wonderland.


The jolliest winter vacation ever!