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Savour life!

Go on a holiday to see, experience and enjoy all the wonders the world has to offer
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - April 28, 2010
By: Sheila Lim
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Savour life!

If like me, you hold the belief that life shouldn’t be just a non-stop series of project deadlines, sales targets or school tests and examinations, why not take time out from the rat race?

Whether you’d like to go it alone or spend some time to bond with the people you love, go on a holiday and do things that’ll delight, surprise or even amaze you, and remind you that life is more than all those things happening within our own little cloistered world.

Get high or go slow
Do stuff that will pump up your adrenalin level (which will also get your endorphins or happy hormones up) or the exact opposite – bring you a deep sense of calm and total well-being. Or do something unusual, surreal, extraordinary or beneficial that will give you a greater appreciation of life and the world around us.

You could scream your heart out on a roller coaster or jet boat ride, feel on top of the world by conquering a mountain or floating in the clouds on a hot air balloon, soak away all your cares and worries in hot spring baths or the deep blue seas, learn about the importance of our ecological systems by communing with Mother Nature, or lend a hand to poverty-stricken villagers to help them build a better life.

See the different sides of life It’s always good to glean other perspectives of life outside of our own little world. When you venture abroad, you’ll have opportunities to see and experience things that make you realise that your lot in life really isn’t the worst in the world (usually not by a long shot!).

You’ll also get to discover how amazingly adaptable nature can be, and that there has to be a reason for the existence of every living creature in this world, no matter how increasingly despondent one may feel about the way things are going.

Here’s a random list of things to do around the world that’ll hopefully renew your zest for life and fuel your passion to make the world a better place, be it going green, advocating peace or participating in worthwhile causes:

  • Visit wildlife sanctuaries in Australia to interact with the lovable creatures there, so you can learn about the delicate balance of life and understand why there’s a need to preserve their natural habitats.

  • Trek through the mountains in Nepal and revel in the glorious beauty of its natural landscapes along the way.

  • Go snorkelling or scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia and be amazed by the fantastic kaleidoscope of life in the underwater world.

  • Watch sea turtles return to the shores where they were born, to lay eggs and repeat the cycle of life in Trengganu, West Malaysia.

  • Get close to Sperm whales at Kaikoura, New Zealand or Humpback whales at Hervey Bay, Australia, and marvel at the grace and magnificence of these behemoths of the deep.

  • Feel humbled by the power and beauty of nature as you explore natural wonders like the Grand Canyon (USA), Columbia Glacier (Alaska), Victoria Falls (South Africa) and Halong Bay (Vietnam).

  • Revel in the sight of animals running wild and free as you float over the game reserves in South Africa in a hot air balloon.

  • Be inspired by the adaptability of nature as you come face to face with the unique inhabitants of the Galapagos Islands and Madagascar, or trek through the Amazon rainforests in Brazil.

  • Be awed by the ingenuity of the human mind as you explore manmade wonders like the Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, The Great Pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge and Machu Picchu.

  • Be enchanted by the historical and cultural richness of India, and discover just how colourful and intoxicating life can be.

  • Have a wild time by participating in La Tomatina (tomato throwing festival) in Spain, Songkran (water throwing) Festival in Thailand or the Rio Carnival in Brazil.

  • Feel totally at peace with the world as you soak in the serenity and beauty before you in a houseboat on Dhal Lake, Kashmir or in a charming colonial-style hotel atop a hill resort in Sri Lanka.

I could go on and on….for the world around us is filled with so many things to see, do and experience. So what are you waiting for – get out there and explore it!


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