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Packing smart – Part 4

Hold your holiday haul together! An ounce of prevention equals loads of bliss
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - March 23, 2011
By: Sheila Lim
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Packing smart – Part 4
Your wonderful holiday is coming to an end, and you’re delighted with your fabulous haul of souvenirs and purchases. But can you ensure your new possessions don’t arrive home broken or damaged? Here’s how:

  • Pack a compression bag and foldable bag – these will come in useful should you run out of luggage space.
  • Pack some bubble-wrap and ziplock bags too. Use these to wrap and seal breakable items before bundling them snugly within your clothing for additional protection.  If the items should break, there’ll be less chance of your clothing and other belongings getting soiled. 
  • It would also be good to pack a luggage strap (available from travel speciality stores), a bundle of string or a roll of duct tape – you will be extremely grateful you have these if your bag should fall apart because of mishandling, overloading or wear and tear. 
  • If you’ve purchased a pricey, fragile or bulky item like a handmade Persian rug or Venetian crystal chandelier, the best option would be to ship it home. If you’ve bought the item from a reputable shop, they should be able to help you make the necessary shipping/freight arrangements. However, you’ll have little control over the fate of your possession if it’s not insured. 

An alternative is to mail the item yourself, using the services of a post office or major international shipping company. If the item is very valuable, get your shipment insured and record the tracking number. 

A little advanced planning and packing know-how can go a long way. It can help you avoid or better tackle frustrating situations like having your belongings confiscated, or dealing with a messy spill or a broken bag, and make the difference between a perfect and painful holiday.


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