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Packing smart – Part 1

A little planning certainly goes a long way!
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - March 2, 2011
By: Sheila Lim
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Packing smart – Part 1

Imagine finding out that you’ve forgotten to pack that gorgeous bikini you’ve been dying to show off upon arriving at one of the most amazing beach resorts in the world. Or sustaining a bad cut and not having any antiseptic to treat it because you didn’t pack any and there’s no pharmacy anywhere near you.

Are you a procrastinator who haphardly grabs hold of stuff  and dumps them into the suitcase just before your flight? Or are you the kiasu type who packs two weeks’ worth of travel gear for a weekend trip?

Each of us has a different packing style because we have different personalities and needs. However, over the years, I’ve learnt through my “struggles” that I can make my holidays more enjoyable and less stressful simply by adopting a more organised approach to packing.

For instance, if you don’t overpack, you’ll have fewer worries about busting the weight limit and having to fork out a hefty sum for excess baggage during the return flight.


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