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Guide to travelling light

Follow these 7 tips and you’ll not have to worry about exceeding your baggage weight limit
ST701 Editorial Team - May 9, 2014
By: Huda Nabilah Afandi
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Guide to travelling light

Travelling to a new place for a vacation can be very exciting. It’s normal if you’re eager to bring all your favourite things on your trip but sometimes we tend to bring more things than necessary.

It isn’t bad to travel heavy, however, imagine the amount of money you have to spend on paying for excess baggage if your baggage was over the weight limit. Moreover, if you’re travelling alone, it is definitely not a great idea to have too many luggages in case you have problems coping with them.

Start travelling light with these 7 tips:

Get a small bag

Since you’re travelling light, there is no need for mega huge luggage bags. Get a bag that could fit all your things in nicely, preferably a backpack or a shoulder bag. It is best to bring a bag that is comfortable for you to carry about in and that can fit in most situations. Furthermore, the smaller the bag, the lesser the things you’ll tend to bring.

Pack for the right weather

Check out the weather reports for your destination in advance so you’ll know the appropriate clothing to pack for the climate conditions you'll be in. If you’re heading to somewhere with a cold climate, remember to bring long sleeved clothes and a thick jacket. On the other hand, if your vacation is somewhere with a tropical climate, prepare t-shirts, sunglasses and hats. In case of rainy weather, bring an umbrella along too.

Prepare versatile clothing

Bring clothing items that are easy to match so you don’t have to bring too many. For ladies, you may want to bring a few one-piece clothing items like dresses. For guys, bring a one or two pairs of good-quality jeans and good walking shoes.

Wear comfortable shoes

Put on comfortable shoes as you’ll probably be walking quite a bit. Make sure they are long-lasting so your feet will be well-protected and supported. If you’re planning to go somewhere fancy, be sure to have a second pair of shoes presentable for dinners and festivals.

Pack concisely

While packing your luggage, roll up your clothes to save space and lessen the wrinkling. Use sealable bags to hold your toiletries to prevent any spillage in case your bottles uncap. Go one step further in saving luggage space by investing in storage vacuum bags.

Travel-sized solutions

If you prefer to bring your own shampoo, visit a convenience store and buy one that is travel-sized. Even if you run out of shampoo while still on vacation, you can still purchase shampoo at your vacation destination (if it’s not too isolated or you’re not too fussy).

Compartmentalise and strategise

Pack essential items like your gloves, ear phones and lip gloss in a place that is easily accessible. For more important things like your passport, ID and credit cards - keep them in a secure place deep inside your bag. Bring photocopies of all your personal documents in case of theft – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Now that you’re ready to pack light, remember to get items for your travelling needs from STClassifieds. Bon voyage!


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