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Why did the chicken cross the road? (II)

Your last night as a single swinging bachelorette deserves nothing less than a great send-off from your best girl friends. Here are some fabulous ideas.
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - February 1, 2008
By: Linda Lee
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Why did the chicken cross the road? (II)

Because it wants to go to a hen party!”

Scarlet squealed like an excited prepubescent schoolgirl who has just seen her favourite idol across the road.

“Lame,” I half-chided, rolling my eyes.

“Well then, what about ‘Because it didn’t want to go home to roost’ or ‘It wanted to look for a basket to put all its eggs in’?” Scarlet appealed, child-like.

“Nice try, but still lame,” I replied nonchalantly.

In spite of her nonsense, I can never stay irritated with this long-time chum for long. She’s bubbly, wacky and a tad ditsy all at once, a spring chicken who always makes members of the opposite sex scamper like headless chickens just to get her attention.

“Speaking of hen parties – you really should have gone to Cat’s night out last week. You don’t know what you’ve missed. But don’t worry. I promise to organise the most happening hen night when you get hitched, er, someday,” Scarlet enthused, albeit a little sheepishly.

Before I could throttle her, the kooky one went one step further to suggest what she would do. If you are, by chance, also searching for hen party ideas, see if Scarlet’s grand schemes tick your boxes:

To Hollywood, and beyond

“Theme parties rule! From retro madness (Austin Powers; Hairspray; Lust, Caution) and magical fanfare (Harry Potter) to comic extravaganzas (Spiderman) and kawaii escapades (Hello Kitty), there’s no shortage of ideas to play around with! All hens attending the party must choose a character to spoof (I ‘chope’ Mary-Jane so that I can smooch Spiderman – wait a minute, what do you mean ‘no spiders allowed’?).”

Spare the rod…and spoil ourselves

“I will arrange for manicurists, pedicurists, and beauty and massage therapists to provide home services so that we can get pampered from head to toe. While we delight ourselves with these kneads and treats and sip on tipples, a mobile chef will cook our favourite meals. Depending on your husband’s budget (of course he will be footing the bill, darling!), we could even engage a pole-dancing instructor to teach us how to twirl and swirl. I’m not sure if the demanding workout will leave us in stitches, but I reckon our laughing at one another will!”

Of booze and…beefcakes

“What’s a hen night without booze? Bring the bottles, I say! We could book a private room at a lounge and drink ourselves silly. To make things more interesting, we could play some games (truth or dare, spin the bottle) and punish the players by making them drink. After that, we’ll take to the dance floor – provided we can still stand up and walk straight.

“Since it’s so hard to find a snag (sensitive new age guy) who isn’t afraid to bare his soul these days, we might as well get a six-pack who dares to bare his bod instead! Yes, I’m talking about getting a brawny dancer to turn up the temperature. Oh come on, having a bit of raunchy fun won’t hurt!”

But then, as if struck by an epiphany, the ever-so-sanguine Scarlet offered: “Oh, I know what you’re going to tell me – that I shouldn’t count my chickens before they're hatched, right?”



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