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Toast to the past

Enjoy art and live it up in a posh salon furnished with antiques
The Straits Times - August 14, 2012
By: Mark Cheong
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Toast to the past

Walk into art gallery Vue Privee from tomorrow and it will be like taking a step back in time. The 2,000 sq ft gallery has been turned into a posh gentleman's salon circa early 20th-century Europe.

The idea of Unnecessarily Well-Made, a collaboration between the gallery, Scotch whisky brand Glenmorangie and online lifestyle magazine, is to create an "art experience", says gallery owner Olivier Henry.

So work from contemporary artists from all over the world, including pieces by Singapore-based artists Aiman and Denise Jillian, will be placed amid a setting conceptualised by design production company Artison and filled with objects sourced by Mr Henry, who is also the curator of the exhibition.

The 40-year-old found pieces such as a 500-year-old encyclopaedia dated 1532 written by Greek philosopher Aristotle, the 1930 first edition of Herman Melville's Moby Dick and an original copy of Sidelights On Relativity written and signed by Albert Einstein.

These artefacts, which are all for sale, are scattered around the salon featuring antique furniture and a bar selling Glenmorangie whisky.


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