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They worked till 1am till every night

It is not easy running a restaurant full time, much less juggle it with school.
The New Paper - July 26, 2013
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They worked till 1am till every night

Mr Brendon Au and Mr Kenneth Ang, both 24, who set up a restaurant last December while they were undergraduates, learnt that the hard way.

Any free time was consumed by the running of okb (short for One Kampung Bahru), and because they had yet to get a grasp of how staffing worked, the pair were in the restaurant till nearly 1am every night.

The duo, who graduated from the National University of Singapore earlier this month, eventually got it right.

With six full-time staff running the restaurant and two part-timers who work on weekends, they have now managed to turn a profit though they have yet to recoup their investment.


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