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Sheltered pursuits: Outdoor sports without getting wet

The perfect place to play outdoor sports indoors, even when it's raining.
December 9, 2012
By: Rachel Chan
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Sheltered pursuits: Outdoor sports without getting wet

SINGAPORE - It may be monsoon season but you can still play outdoorsy sports without getting wet - if you know where to go.

Even the great outdoor sport of cricket, which can take place only in dry conditions under good lighting, can be played indoors and at night here.

And slam dunking is entire doable, possibly at a community centre or indoor sports hall near you.

On your way for a day out at East Coast Park but thinking of turning back at the sight of gathering rain clouds? You could save your kiddos the disappointment and swing by Big Splash for a game of miniature golf instead.

Ms Gladys Loo, group manager of LilliPutt, a six-year-old miniature golf course owned by Big Splash, has been witness to many such situations on rainy days.

"Rainy days are usually happy days for us. I would see customers who had obviously made other outdoor plans drop in to play mini golf," she said.

While it is difficult to say whether the pouring rain has been driving more customers to these indoor establishments, there are regulars who are appreciative of the shelter.

At Punggol Prawning, which has been around for four years, regular customer Eugene Yeo, 16, who has just completed his O-level examinations, said: "The place is well-sheltered and I can still go prawning even if it rains. Rain or shine, it doesn't get hot and I don't get wet."


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