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Saddle up for the Year of the Horse

8 things you should do to kick-start the Lunar New Year
ST701 Editorial Team - January 28, 2014
By: Jonathan Chew
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Saddle up for the Year of the Horse

The Lunar New Year is just around the corner. Every Lunar New Year promises different prospects in terms of career, wealth, health and your love life. How have you prepared yourself for the year ahead? Here are 8 things you could do as you gallop into the Year of the Horse:

1. Shopping

Now is the perfect time to turn your wants into a need. As the Chinese believe – a new year, a new you – so why not indulge in something new? Perhaps it’s that pair of Jimmy Choo that you have been eyeing forever or that glorious looking Tag Heuer watch you’ve been admiring from yonder? Since it’s the New Year, go out there and pamper yourself with what you need (or want); preferably with a splash of red though.

2. Manage your finances

Expect to spend more this Lunar New Year. As reported in the Business Times, the prices of Chinese New Year commodities are set to increase by up to 4.32 percent – the highest annual increase since 2011. Along with the increasing expectation harnessed by the amount of a red packet, New Year spendings would most likely see an incline. Although most are more willing to spend during this festive period, be wary of running up bad debts that would cripple your finances in the subsequent months.

Start setting money aside prior to the New Year if necessary. Mange your finances well, know your limits and do not shell out outrageous amounts of money unless you can afford to. As the saying goes, “do not go broke trying to look rich”.

3. Reunion dinner

When was the last time you actually sat down with your entire family for a feast? This Lunar New Year, make it a point to be home for reunion dinner. Savour copious amounts of Chinese delicacies to your heart’s content. Not only that, it is a great time to interact with family members and catch up with relatives you might not see very frequently. If you find cooking a hassle, restaurants island-wide do offer reunion dinner packages as well. 

 4. Hit the gym

A study by the Health Promotion Board found that a single slice of bak kwa has approximately 370 calories. If that is not alarming enough, a single slice of bak kwa would “entitle” you to a 47 minute jog. Yes, these festive goodies are an occasional treat to your palette but they can also quickly add up on the scale. Avoid eating excessive amounts of them and hit the gym or exercise moderately to keep your weight in check. Oh, and those delicious pineapple tarts you just popped into your mouth? Each has approximately 75 calories.

 5. Visit Chinatown

What better way to immerse yourself in the spirit of the Lunar New Year by visiting Chinatown? Every Lunar New Year, Chinatown is transformed into a buzzing scene of brightly lit street lights and lanterns along the streets. Stalls hawking traditional Chinese items such as the cheongsam and decorative items would line both lanes. Soak up the Chinese culture with a walk down Chinatown this Lunar New Year!

6. Spring cleaning

Ah, the most dreaded part of the Lunar New Year – spring cleaning. Just like how you deserve a fresh makeover for the New Year, so does your home. The Chinese believe that cleaning the house would ward off bad luck, inviting the good luck in.  

7. Dance with a lion

Well, not literally. The dying trade of the lion dance is a traditional performance during the Lunar New Year believed to bring about good fortune and wealth. Watch as the performers manoeuvre through hoops and poles to put up a high risk, yet entertaining performance.

 8. Learn to be tactful

Are you single? Here’s something you would hear aplenty from your relatives: “Got girlfriend already?” If your answer’s a yes, it would be followed by, “When are you both getting married?” It could get pretty annoying at times so think of a tactful answer to wiggle your way out of this sticky situation without incurring the wrath of the senior folks.

The Lunar New Year is a time where Chinese seek an abundance of wealth and good fortune. Want to know how the Year of the Horse would turn out for you? Simply check out the STClassifieds zodiac contest and read all about your year ahead. Boost your luck by buying the lucky items as featured; or take part in the contest by giving a brief prediction of how you think your year would unravel. The most creative entries would win up to $500 worth of shopping vouchers!

Wishing you prosperity and good health this New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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