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Pupsik Studio: Doing well selling baby products online

Ms Tan Su Ling and her daughters Vera (left), seven, and Nadya, five. Her company has done so well that she now employs five workers and has a 3,000 sq ft warehouse in Bukit Batok
The New Paper - March 3, 2014
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Pupsik Studio: Doing well selling baby products online

Pupsik Studio, an online baby products store that Ms Tan Su Ling, 38, runs from her four-bedroom condo home, is doing so well that cartons of prams can be found stacked under the bed or spilling out into the living room and study.

Ms Tan, a former architect, found herself working through the night to meet more than a thousand orders each month.

Pupsik Studio sells baby and nursing products to mainly local customers and overseas retailers. Its products, mostly designed by Ms Tan and manufactured here, are popular with mothers, and celebrity Martha Stewart even sponsors Ms Tan's parenting blog.

"It got to a point where... I needed help and I needed more space," said Ms Tan, who now employs five part-time and full-time workers. Her company also has a 3,000 sq ft warehouse in Bukit Batok.

Back in 2008, she quit her job to spend more time with her elder daughter. She went on to set up a business that allowed her to work in her pyjamas after she put her daughters, now aged five and seven, to bed.

"You don't have to waste time dressing up or commuting, and the children always need you at the most unexpected moments.



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