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PhD holder met wife through cosplay

PhD holder takes part in cosplay event with wife
The New Paper - July 7, 2014
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PhD holder met wife through cosplay COUPLE ACT: Dr Peter Ng, dressed as Seymour Guado, with his wife, Ms Aeriel New, dressed as Serah Farron. Both characters are from the video game Final Fantasy 10.TNP PHOTOS: GARY GOH

Many people take part in cosplay to express their creativity and make new friends.

For Dr Peter Ng, who holds a doctorate in chemical engineering, he found something a little extra when he took up cosplaying - his wife.

After he started cosplaying with Ms Aeriel New in 2009, the couple, who are in their 30's, got married two years ago.

"The wedding was at a church, but everyone - even the pastor - was dressed as an anime character," said Dr Ng.

Dressed as Seymour Guado from the video game, Final Fantasy 10, Dr Ng and his wife, dressed as Serah Farron from the same series, were among the 10,000 cosplay fans who were at Cosfest XIII: The Final Fantasy over the weekend.

With a catwalk segment for cosplayers to display their hard work and effort spent on costumes and make-up, some 30 cosplayers strutted down the runway with their elaborate outfits. 


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