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Nee Soon South residents given water-saving tips

Nee Soon GRC MP Dr Lee Bee Wah (centre) and Naval Base Secondary School students go door-to-door at Block 803 Yishun Ring Road giving out flyers teaching residents how to save water during the dry season, on March 16, 2014
The Straits Times - March 19, 2014
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Nee Soon South residents given water-saving tips

Take shorter showers, repair leaks promptly and reuse water from the washing machine to flush the toilet or mop the floor. These were among the water-saving tips that residents from Nee Soon South heard on Sunday morning.

Some 70 students and teachers from Naval Base Secondary School, together with Member of Parliament (Nee Soon GRC) Lee Bee Wah, went door-to-door to give out information pamphlets to residents on how to save water.

"Since we do expect the dry season to last longer than usual, we need to educate our residents on good water saving habits and we must not take for granted that water is always there for our use," said Dr Lee. "We need to exercise prudence in how to mange our water supplies."

Some 135 volunteers also went around the area near Block 802, Yishun Ring Road, picking up litter as part of a monthly exercise organised by the Nee Soon South Zone 'C' Residents' Committee. Seven of the most active participants over the past year were presented with personalised litter pickers for their efforts in keeping the area clean.


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