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Marine Life Park draws 12,000 visitors

Both tourists and S'poreans check out RWS' newest attraction.
The Straits Times - November 26, 2012
By: Pearl Lee
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Marine Life Park draws 12,000 visitors Children reaching to touch a starfish at the touch pool at the S.E.A. Aquarium yesterday. The 8ha oceanarium opened last Thursday, along with the Adventure Cove Waterpark. -- ST PHOTO: NURIA LING

THE Marine Life Park at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) has drawn 12,000 people since it opened last Thursday.

Saying it is pleased with the response over the first weekend of operations, a Marine Life Park spokesman said it believes the numbers will increase in coming weeks when "our overseas marketing picks up and if the weather turns, hopefully, dry for our Adventure Cove Waterpark".

Besides the waterpark, the other allure is an 8ha oceanarium called S.E.A. Aquarium which currently has 40,000 animals from 500 species.

When The Straits Times visited the oceanarium on Saturday and yesterday, it was crowded with Singaporeans and tourists.

One big draw was an open tank where children and adults gathered to hold a Knobbly sea star under the guidance of in-house aquarists.

It was 10-year-old Hew Yi Nean's favourite part of the oceanarium. Said the Primary 4 pupil who was with his aunt: "It felt ticklish; I felt like it was sucking on my hand."

Ms Pamela Ho, a programme manager in her 50s, said the oceanarium is "lovely".

"A lot of things are new to me, like the jellyfish. I never knew they came in all these shapes and colours," she added.

She thinks there is room for two aquariums to co-exist in Sentosa, the other being Underworld World which opened in 1991.

Though she has not visited Underwater World for more than 10 years, she does not think that one should replace the other. "I think they have different things and what I hope is for our country to have two aquariums, so there's variety for us visitors," she said.

Over at the Adventure Cove Waterpark, the crowd was not as big over the weekend. Those who were there gave it the thumbs up.

It has six water slides and a pool where park-goers can snorkel with some 20,000 fish.

Mr David Ng, 47, who was there with his family, said: "There are a lot of lifeguards which is good... we will feel safe when our kids play in the water.

"The weather is good, and there is no crowd, so it's good for us. Maybe people are not aware of the waterpark yet," said Mr Ng, who is self-employed.

Ms Elena Tan, 45, who had been to the Wild Wild Wet waterpark at Downtown East a few months back, described Adventure Cove Waterpark as "bigger and better".

"The rides are more thrilling," she added. "I will be coming back next week when my son is back from overseas."

At Underwater World, the turnout yesterday was good despite competition from the oceanarium.

Jonathan Chong, 12, who was there with cousins, said he can visit the place up to three times a year. The Primary 6 pupil was aware of the oceanarium's opening but added that he prefers Underwater World as he feels more familiar with the place.

Ms Janice Chay, 30, a sales assistant at a mobile phone accessories stall outside Underwater World, said she has not observed a dip in attendance.

"The crowd today is comparable to other weekends... still a lot of tourists. I don't think there are fewer people," she added.

Admission tickets for the S.E.A Aquarium and Adventure Cove Waterpark are sold separately at $29 per attraction for adults, and $20 per attraction for children and senior citizens.

Tickets for Underwater World are $25.90 for adults and $17.60 for children.


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