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Love is all around (III)

Love doesn’t have to be complicated – simple but original ideas of showing your love will keep the romance alive.
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - February 21, 2008
By: Linda Lee
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Love is all around (III)

Love is a many splendoured thing and we only want the best for our beloved, right?

In fact, most of us don't practice what we preach. We are all guilty of neglecting a loved one or even taking him or her for granted at some point, especially when everyday stresses take over.

But it's important to make a conscious effort to show that you care and appreciate your partner, especially when the going gets tough.

Don't wait for an occasion such as Valentine's Day to say "I love you". You could make some simple yet romantic and heart-warming gestures on any regular day:

  • Offer support in the form of a massage, hug or by holding his/her hands when your sweetheart feels down.

  • Don't know how to cook? It's never too late to learn! Pamper your date with a dish he or she enjoys. Don't worry if it's not up to the mark; in these cases, it's the thought that counts.

  • Love is about giving a part of or all of yourself in an unconditional manner. If your other half is important to you, make time for him or her even if it means you have to rearrange or reschedule other plans.

  • A smile is a curve that straightens most things. Let your hair down and learn to laugh at yourselves and with (not at) each other.

  • Share an uplifting secret that's known only to the two of you. It can create an intimate bond and make you guys feel close to each other.

  • Feeling cheeky? Scribble words of adoration on a steam-glazed bathroom mirror after his/her shower to give your partner a pleasant surprise.

  • Place an advertisement in the newspapers to declare your affection. Remember to stick a post-it note on the front page to tell your significant other to look out for what's inside. He or she is sure to be thrilled!


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