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Love is all around (II)

By showing a little spontaneous affection for your partner, you are setting the overall tone of your relationship to be more positive and intimate.
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - February 14, 2008
By: Linda Lee
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Love is all around (II)

Little acts of affection and kindness can go a long way to nurture and nourish a blossoming, stagnant or ailing relationship.

Grab the chance offered by this Valentine's Day to shower your date with loving care. Here are some tips on how to romance your partner:

  • With more multimedia-savvy people using the Internet and e-mail as main communication tools, the act of writing with pen and paper is fast becoming a thing of the past. And yet, there is something deeply romantic and personal about a hand-written note. So why not write your lover a letter and mail or deliver it to him or her? Your loved one will surely appreciate your effort.

  • Quit making excuses about how busy you are. If your partner means the world to you, you should set aside enough time and rearrange your schedule so that the two of you can be with each other. Remember, it's not so much the quantity but the quality that counts. Sharing your daily undertakings over a quick 45-minute lunch beats watching a three-hour movie (in silence) anytime.

  • Make preparations for taking your sweetheart to the park or beach for a picnic, then surprise him or her when you get them there with something special - an additional outing to another romantic spot, or a gift.

  • Why should you hurt the person you most adore? Instead of harsh and sarcastic tongue-lashings that are so easy to give in our fast-paced, highly stressed lives, regularly be generous with hugs, cuddles, kisses and words of encouragement.


Let love bloom, and last forever