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How to choose a bicycle that is right for you

Cycling is an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation
ST701 Editorial Team - September 5, 2013
By: Jessica Zheng
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How to choose a bicycle that is right for you

Thinking of purchasing a new bicycle, but not sure which type suits you? Here are some tips which can help you to identify the type of bicycle that is right for you.

Firstly, you have to decide what you want to do with the bicycle. Ask yourself how often you plan to cycle and where you want to go with your bicycle.

There are many types of bicycles but the more common ones are road bicycles, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes 

Also known as racing bikes, road bicycles are built for fast traveling on paved roads. Cyclists who want to go fast will normally prefer to buy a road bicycle because it has more gear combinations.

If you prefer off-road cycling, a mountain bike may be a good choice. Mountain bikes have heavy-duty wheels and brakes which are more durable. They are built for all-day endurance biking to overcome rough terrain, logging roads and steep grades.

You may want to consider a hybrid bicycle if you are looking for city streets and light trail riding. A hybrid is blended with features of both road bicycles and mountain bikes. They are light weight and offer efficient pedaling. In comparison to other types of bicycles, a hybrid bike has wider wheels which can provide you with better stability while cycling.

No matter what type of bicycle you choose, make sure it suits your needs. Do remember to test ride a bicycle before you make your purchase. This is to ensure that the bicycle is professionally assembled 

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