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Health Ministry to ensure attractive career opportunities for nurses

National University Hospital’s nurse manager Uma Chandra Segara (in blue uniform) cleans a patient's wound as her fellow nurses watch.
The Straits Times - July 3, 2013
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Health Ministry to ensure attractive career opportunities for nurses

Nurses in the public sector can look forward to better work environments, as the Health Ministry (MOH) will continue efforts to ensure attractive career opportunities and pathways, said Minister of State for Health Amy Khor.

Speaking at an awards ceremony on Wednesday morning, she noted that the role of nurses is evolving.

"Nurses perform health assessments, actively support patients and carers, and constantly look for innovative models of care. Many have also taken on higher education," she said.

Some 77 nurses from hospitals, polyclinics and long-term care sector were recognised at the MOH Nurses Merit Awards for outstanding performance in the past three years.

Chief nursing officer Pauline Tan said the winners had provided compassionate and quality care to their patients.


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