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Flower power - My love is like a red, red rose

Convey your feelings for your loved one with a rose of the correct hue.
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - February 11, 2010
By: Goh Mei Yi
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Flower power - My love is like a red, red rose

Red roses are probably the bestselling flowers on Valentine’s Day. No other flower speaks the same volume of one’s love and passion as this. A bouquet of a dozen red roses is considered to be the most romantic of all floral arrangements.

There are two legends of how the rose was created. One story, which takes place in ancient Rome, tells of a beautiful maiden named Rhodanthe who was pursued by many zealous suitors. She was forced to take refuge in the temple of the goddess Diana, but the suitors broke down the temple doors. Diana became angry and turned Rhodanthe into a rose and her suitors into thorns. In another Greek legend, the rose was created by Chloris, the Greek goddess of flowers.

The Persian custom of “the language of flowers” was brought over to Europe and developed into the art of floriography. The tradition reached its height in Victorian England when every young man and lady knew the specific meaning of each flower so well that they could hold conversations with each other just by exchanging flowers.

You can revive this practice by choosing roses of the appropriate colour to convey your feelings.

Red - Love and passion
- True love, purity and innocence
- Friendship and freedom, celebration and joy. Don't send these if your intentions are romantic and long-lasting
- Friendship or for one’s sweetheart; admiration, happiness and gratitude
- Desire and excitement
- Love at first sight and enchantment
- Enthusiasm and desire on the part of the sender
- Farewell or “It's over”
Mix of red and yellow
: Happiness and celebrations
Mix of red and white
: Harmony and unity
Mix of yellow and orange
: Passion
Mix of pink and white
: Joy and contentment


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