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Creed Cycle brings chic biking to Singapore

Cycling is not longer the preserve of athletes, fitness freaks or kids, now that you can be super stylish thanks to Creed Cycle’s super chic bikes
Asia One - September 11, 2013
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Creed Cycle brings chic biking to Singapore

Gone are the days when admitting that you cycle to work, or for pleasure, or for any reason at all, equals admitting to being either a fitness freak, too poor to own a car or some sort of environmental nut. Cycling now, is super chic.

There are whole, wildly popular, style blogs dedicated to the stylishness of cycling, like Copenhagen Cycle Chic – the first, and considered the best – as well as dedicated cycling fashion brands like Cycle Chic and Swrve nowadays.

Sure, in Singapore the weather is more often than not hot and wet, but in the cooler months you’ll be able to swish past the traffic jams in stylish ease; don’t think of this type of cycling as a race, it’s more about an elegant mode of transport.

Still, you need something to actually ride that displays your chic cycling credentials to their utmost; which why we’re lucky that Creed Cycle has finally brought chic cycling to Singapore.

Established by three bike-mad friends, Creed Cycle imports the ultimate in stylish bikes like the award-winning Vanmoof bicycles from Holland – think matte black and graphic lines – and the full stainless steel designer bikes from Aoi.Cycles crafted by aerospace engineers – for the completely bike crazy, 
techy types.

The Vanmoof bikes are best for those who want to commute, they’re easy to go on and off, and the styling is something that will make any fashionista happy. These are bikes that can be ridden in your heels (well, you should probably stick to wedges) and a handy addition of a basket is perfect for your latest “it” bag.

On top of all this style, Creed Cycles is also about doing the right thing; the company has a “social mission” organisation that works with Wheels 4 Hope, a not-for-profit organisation that helps low-income people to get reliable, affordable transport. For every chic bike Creed Cycle sells, its One4One mission donates one bicycle to the needy in Cambodia. The donated bike is tagged with the name of the person who bought one.

What more could you want? A super chic way to donate to charity, save the environment, and get fit all at the same time as being bang-on-trend with the fashionistas of Paris, London and New York; you just need to visit Creed Cycle right away.


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