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Clean your fish tank in 5 easy steps

Keep your fishes happy and healthy
ST701 Editorial Team - September 16, 2013
By: Jessica Zheng
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Clean your fish tank in 5 easy steps

A clean fish tank provides a safe environment for fishes to swim and grow. Thus, it’s essential for you to clean your aquarium on a regular basis.  Simply follow the 5 easy steps to achieve a better living habitat for your fishes.

Step 1
Firstly, unplug the electrical appliances that are connected to your fish tank. Scoop some water from your tank and pour it into a temporary container.

Step 2
Using a fish net, gently transfer your fish to the temporary container. Next, you have to drain approximately half the water from the tank. Remove any rocks, or any decorations from the tank. Rinse them under a running tap and place them aside to air-dry.

Step 3
Start scrubbing the inside walls with an algae scraper. Use a siphon to clean the gravel and vacuum away debris at the bottom of the tank. Discard the soiled filter media and rinse the filter unit with clean water.

Step 4
Fill the tank with clean water and add some chlorine into it - this helps to remove any chemicals that are harmful to the fishes. At the same time, you can replace the rocks and decorations back in the tank.

Step 5
Do remember to replace the filter and filter media when you are done with the cleaning. Turn on the filter and let it run for an hour. Lastly, you may want to wipe the outer part of the tank with a dry cloth and it’s all done! 

It is vital to take care of your fish and now you’ll find that cleaning your fish tank is not such a difficult task.

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