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Be the Ultimate Xbox Champion

Win cash and a gold-plated Xbox 360 if you prove yourself to be the best Xbox gamer in town.
The Straits Times - October 3, 2012
By: Brandon Neo
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Be the Ultimate Xbox Champion -- PHOTO: MICROSOFT XBOX

Consider yourself to be the King of the Iron Fist in Tekken? Can you outflank everyone in Call Of Duty? Are you the best Master Chief when it comes to sniping aliens? If you think your gaming skills are hot, then this challenge is for you.

Microsoft Singapore has rolled out the Xfriends Singapore Tournament, in which gamers can prove that they are the best players in town.

The player who accumulates the most gamer points in any of the eight new games will be crowned the title champion of the game and be eligible for the final face-off with other title champions.

That winner in the finale will walk away with a US$10,000 (S$12,200) prize, a 24-karat gold-plated Xbox360 and the bragging rights of being the best gamer in Singapore.

The eight games are Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Dead Or Alive 5, Fifa13, NBA 2K13, Resident Evil 6, Medal Of Honor Warfighter, Halo 4 and Call Of Duty: Black Ops II.

The competing period for each game is two weeks from the day the game is released.

To take part, you will need to log in to your Xbox Live account and download the special "Xfriends Ultimate Gamer Competition" gamer picture from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

This can be done either on a computer or from your Xbox 360 console.

Your total points will be automatically tabulated. Each time you unlock an achievement, you gain gamer points.

If more than one gamer scores the same number of gamer points in a game, the one that did so first wins.

If you make it to the final competition, you must beat the other title champions in three stages of gameplay, across each of the eight games.

Points will be awarded based on performance and the player with the highest overall score at the end of the final round wins.

So far, more than 500 gamers here have registered for the tournament and one player has already unlocked all the achievements for Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Each title champion will receive a year's Xbox Live Gold membership, a copy of the seven other games featured in the competition, as well as a title-specific reward, such as collector's editions of the games or collectible memorabilia.

The competition is not just for the most dedicated gamers, though.

The first 1,500 players to unlock a special achievement unique to each game will receive a one-month Xbox Live Gold membership and digital rewards such as avatar items or in-game costumes.

Full details are available at


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