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Back on her feet

TWO years ago, she was hit by an MRT train and lost both legs.
The New Paper - August 28, 2013
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Back on her feet

Today, the effervescent Nitcharee Peneakchanasak, 17, is back on her feet, walking everywhere on prosthetic legs and keeping busy while improving her mobility.

Last month, she sang her way to second place at a talent contest for the physically disabled known as Miss Wheelchair Thailand 2013.

She is in town with her father and sister, to meet her lawyers and attend a gala of the Rotary Club which has been helping her directly since the April 2011 incident.

In November last year, she was invited by the Thai government to be a celebrity participant at a national run in Thailand, where she walked 3km.

When she first started training for the run, though, she could only walk 500m on the treadmill at her Bangkok condominium.

She walked at about 2kmh, which means she took about three minutes to cover 100m.

“I increased step by step... 500m, then 1km, then 1.5km,” she said.


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