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'All they need is a little guidance'

While her contemporaries gun for top schools, teacher Vithiya Vannan chose to mould lives from the bottom up.
The New Paper - September 6, 2013
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'All they need is a little guidance'

She was then fresh from university when she decided to apply for the education officer position at Boys’ Town, a home for at-risk boys.

“This was despite protests from my family. They said I am a mere girl. What do I know about fending off these troubled teenaged boys,” Ms Vithiya, 25, told The New Paper.

She said she was attracted to the alternative schooling programme at the 65-year-old Boys’ Town, which reaches out to youths from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

“These boys are misunderstood – some abandoned, others put here because their parents took out a court order on them. All they need is a little guidance and that will take them a long way,” she said.


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