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7 ways to gear up for the World Cup

The World Cup is almost here. Are you ready for it?
ST701 Editorial Team - June 9, 2014
By: Huda Nabilah Afandi
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7 ways to gear up for the World Cup

It's less than a week until the first match of the world’s most famous soccer event kicks off in Brazil. While some lucky folks have managed to make their way to Brazil, most of us have to be content with staying in Singapore to catch the matches on TV. Here are 7 ways for hardcore fans to make the most of your viewing experience at home.

1. Get a new TV

Have you checked out the new Samsung Series 8 curved television? It is known to be made especially to watch a soccer match from it. It may be a little pricey but you can still get a less expensive television with a wide screen as an alternative and feel as if you’re at the stadiums watching the matches.

2. Upgrade your audio system

Imagine watching from a super huge screen with an unsatisfying audio quality. It may be time to upgrade your speakers, add on a subwoofer or install a surround sound audio system.

3. Install an air-conditioning system

June and July are typically the hottest months in Singapore. Getting too pumped up during a match will make you feel warm, so cool yourself down by installing an air-conditioner or a fan in your living room.

4. Buy a new sofa or armchair

Unlike the stadium, you can choose to sit in a comfortable armchair at home while catching the World Cup. If you’ll be watching the matches with your friends and relatives, you may want to get a full sofa set along with a few cushions for the comfort of everyone.

5. Stock up on snacks

Football matches are extra enjoyable when you can munch on snacks! Prepare all your favourite snacks beforehand to ensure you have enough supply as it may be not be as convenient to pop down to a shop during halftime in the middle of the night or in the wee hours of the morning. If you need to chill your drinks, you might want to consider buying a bar fridge, if not a larger refrigerator.

6. Express your support for your favourite team

Show your love for your favourite team by putting on the jersey of the team you are supporting, decorate your home with pictures, country flags and football memorabilia. You may be the only one at home keeping track of the matches, but hey the World Cup only comes round once every four years so it’s a good excuse!

7. Gather all your friends

Watching the matches alone may have its perks but getting a few companions over would make the experience even better. Invite some friends over to watch the match with you to cheer on your favourite teams together.

You’re almost ready for the World Cup! If you’re lacking anything, you’ll most likely find it on May the best team win!


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