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5 ways to eliminate shoe odour

Have your shoes smelling fresh again in no time
ST701 Editorial Team - May 1, 2014
By: Huda Nabilah Afandi
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5 ways to eliminate shoe odour

Do you cringe at the stench of your shoes every time you take them off when you return home from school or work? Smelly shoes are not only unhygienic but embarrassing as well.

If you want to get rid of the stench in your shoes, check out these 5 ways:

Wash your shoes

Take note of your shoes’ directions on how to wash it beforehand. Some shoes are more delicate than others and cannot be washed by the washing machine. For shoes that can, remember to take out the shoe laces first then put your shoes inside an old pillow case to be washed. Afterwards, air dry them using a fan or just put them outside.

For delicate shoes, wipe them with warm water and soap. You can use scented soaps to help with the odour. Take a second damp cloth to remove all the soap residue then leave your shoes to dry.

Fill the shoes with crumpled newspaper

Stuff newspapers into your shoes as they can help soak up water and any odours. Ensure that they are completely dry before you start wearing them again.

Freeze your shoes

After washing your shoes, put them into a plastic bag and leave them in your freezer. After one or two hours, take them out and place them outside to defrost and dry. Once again, wait for them to dry completely before putting them on again.

Dust some “magic powder” inside your shoes

Pour baking soda into your shoes and leave them in till the next morning. This can help in removing odours. If your shoes still smell bad, keep repeating the process. Apart from baking soda, kitty litter can also help to get rid of the smell.

“Frutify” your shoes

Put orange or lemon peels into your shoes to eliminate the stench and at the same time, leave your shoes smelling fresh and good. It will help if you use foot spray on your feet as well.

There are other preventive measures to ensure that your shoes don’t stink, such as putting on a pair of new socks every time you use your shoes. After a whole day of perspiring in them, it is best to throw your socks into the washer. Remember to air dry your shoes each time you take them off and you’ll be on your way to having odourless shoes! 


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