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5 ways to bond with your pets

Start with these small steps to win over your pet
ST701 Editorial Team - May 9, 2014
By: Huda Nabilah Afandi
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5 ways to bond with your pets

So you’ve recently got yourself a pet and you’ve tried everything but nothing seems to increase the bond between you and your pet. In fact, you actually think there could be a chance that your pet dislikes you.

Well, don’t fret. It takes time and effort to achieve that bond and a few special techniques. Here are some ways:

Hang out with your pets

In order for a bond to happen, you need to spend time with your furry friends. You don’t have to spend all your waking hours with them, but set aside a few hours each day for play time with your pets. Spend more time to get closer to them.

Shower them with love

Affection is the key to bonding. The more frequent you pet them; the sooner they will be familiar to your scent and touch. You can also get some brushes to groom your pet as a form of affection. Your pet will return your affection when their trust in you has grown.

Plan activities for them

This will be good for both you and your pet - for both health and bonding. Bring your pet out for a walk or design an obstacle course for them to play in. They can get the required exercise to improve their well-being while bonding with you. Not sure where to start? Buy a book or search online on tricks you can teach your pet!

Get those treats and delectable nourishment

As your pet grows closer to you, they will depend on you as their food source. Be sure to give them the right food and nutrients they need for them to be healthy and well. You can also proceed on giving those treats to them.  Buy chew toys and balls for dogs; small mouse-like toys for cats and a hamster wheel for your hamster.

Set some rules

Winning the hearts of your pets doesn’t mean you have to let them do whatever they want so set boundaries for them.  When your pets have grown comfortable towards you, they will start listening to you.

Bonding and training your pet may require a long period of time. Even if you don’t succeed after a while, don’t give up and keep on trying! Pets aren’t humans so you will need a lot of patience with them. Continue to pursue the hearts of your pets until you win them over!

Looking for a pet to adopt? Remember that pets are not toys and you should only adopt one if you are sincere and serious about being a responsible pet owner! 


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