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4 road safety tips for cyclists

Read these important tips to stay safe on the road
ST701 Editorial Team - September 10, 2013
By: Jessica Zheng
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4 road safety tips for cyclists

Cycling can be fun but you need to take it seriously and understand how to do it safely.

Here are some tips to help you stay safe and avoid accidents on the road:

1.  Protect your head
Purchase a helmet that fits the size of your head. Ensure it meets the approved safety standards.  When you are cycling on the road or paths that are accessible to the public, do remember to put on your helmet and ensure the retention straps are fastened correctly.

2.  Be visible with the right attire
Refrain from wearing black or dark coloured clothes. Instead, wear bright colours such as yellow and orange for better visibility. The best garments are those that have reflective panels. You might consider using reflective stickers that can be taped to your bicycle or helmets.

Avoid wearing baggy or bell-bottomed jeans or trousers as they might get caught in your bicycle gears. Wear shoes instead of slippers as they may slip off while cycling.

In times of low visibility, you need to have a white light at the front of the bicycle and a red reflector at the rear. This is to make sure approaching vehicles or pedestrians are aware of your presence 

3.  Ensure bicycle readiness
Adjust the height and position of the bicycle seat. Make sure your leg is straight at full stretch, and your knees slightly bent when you are pedaling. If you prefer an upright position, set your handlebars slightly higher than your seats. For a forward riding position, simply set the handlebar at the same height as your seat. To ensure your wheels are properly secured, test on the brakes.

4.  Stay alert
Keep a lookout for joggers, pedestrians, vehicles or any hazards. Ensure there is a small mirror attached to your handlebar as this helps you to see and take notice of what is happening around you. 

Observing these simple tips can help you stay safe on the road. Happy cycling!

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