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4 essential tips to maintaining your inline skates

Regular maintenance helps to increase the performance and life span of your skates
ST701 Editorial Team - September 11, 2013
By: Jessica Zheng
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4 essential tips to maintaining your inline skates

Taking care of your inline skates is important. With the right maintenance, it helps to prolong the life of your inline skates. Here are some tips for maintaining your skates 

1) Basic maintenance starts with rolling the wheels. It helps to remove unnecessary pieces of dirt that are stuck inside the skate. You can do this can do this right before or after skating to keep the wheels running smooth and easy 

2) To remove stubborn dirt you may need to unscrew the wheels. Remove each wheel and remember which side of it is facing out as you will have to replace it in the opposite direction later on. Use a small brush to get rid of all the unwanted particles. Once you have brushed off all the dirt, use a cloth to wipe the wheels.

3) In order to keep the bearings free from dirt, you have to remove them from the wheels of the skates. Use a cloth and cleaning solution to wipe them. Apply drops of bearing lubricants and reassemble them to the wheels. Replace the wheels back in its opposite direction (as mentioned in step 2) and tighten the screw and bolts.

4) Lastly, spray some anti-bacteria foot deodoriser in the inside of your skates to keep them fresh and clean.

Don’t wait till your skates get too old or dirty – start maintaining them today!

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