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10 fun activities to do with your kids

Check out these inexpensive indoor activities you can do with your young ones
ST701 Editorial Team - May 12, 2014
By: Cheryl Mah
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10 fun activities to do with your kids

The June school holidays are coming up and you’re wondering what activities you can do with your kids to occupy their time. While trips out to theme parks and the zoo might be entertaining for a day, it might also get too costly after a while.

Here are 10 low-cost indoor activities to do with the children:

1. Baking lessons
Baking can be both fun and educational. Teach your child how to measure out flour and sugar (maths), and how putting certain ingredients together will cause the mixture to change its shape or state (science).

2. Fashion show
Let your children dress-up in your clothes. Look for props around the house to pose with, put on music and have them do a catwalk. Remember to take out your camera as this will be a very good photo-taking opportunity!

3. Talent contest
Organise a mini talent contest and let your children have an opportunity to show off their talent – be it singing, dancing, reading poetry or playing a musical instrument. Want more contestants? Invite your neighbour’s children over!

4. Art and craft
Search online for art and craft ideas. Turn an egg carton into a worm, or sew up old socks into puppets. You can go one step further by organising a puppet show using the sock puppets you just made!

5. Name that tune
Put together a playlist of songs your children know. Play a few seconds of each song, hit “pause” and ask your kids to guess the name of the song. They get one point for every song they guess right and the winner is the one with the most points at the end of the game.

6. Clean up time
It might be fun to get your children involved in the household chores. Get them to sort out laundry into different piles, race each other to see who can pick up the most toys in the shortest time and give their dolls a bath.

7. Create a story for their toys
Ask your child to pick out their favourite toy and write a story about it. She can then act out the story using the toy. If your child likes music, you can even turn the play into a musical!

8. Cardboard box fun
Hunt for discarded cardboard boxes around your neighbourhood. Prop up a mini tent and pretend that you’re camping, make a mini washing machine and let your child pretend to do the laundry with real clothes, or create an obstacle course for his toy cars.

9. Dance and freeze
For active children, put on music and get them to dance. When the music stops, the children have to strike a funny pose. You can play this for as long as you need to before your children get tired and want to rest.

10. Themed play
Decide on a theme for the day such as pirates. Make your own pirate clothes and props, read stories or watch a movie about pirates and play out a pirate scene. You can even pretend your bed is the pirate’s ship – use your imagination!

There are many other inexpensive activities to do with your children indoors to keep them fit while entertaining them. It is always easy to hand over your iPad to your little one for self-entertainment, but remember that it is also important to spend time bonding as a family.


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