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Wedding Essentials

Photo shoots on vacant state sites at no cost

The Straits Times : July 15, 2014

Over the last year, the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has quietly allowed people to make use of vacant state properties without charging them a cent.

A match made in school

The Straits Times : July 10, 2014

They met when they were both contract teachers at Zhonghua Primary School in 2009

Wedding March down the supermarket aisle

The Straits Times : June 1, 2014

A growing number of couples are giving a new twist to what it means to walk down the aisle

Surprise wedding proposal from man in a bear suit

The Straits Times : May 10, 2014

An innovative way to propose from the origin of how the couple met

How to choose a wedding date

ST701 Editorial Team : April 28, 2014

6 factors to consider before you decide on the perfect wedding date

Get her to say “yes"! to your marriage proposal

ST701 Editorial Team : January 25, 2014

Check out these tips on how you can plan the perfect marriage proposal this Valentine’s Day

Get married with a perfect bird's eye view at relaunched aviary

The Straits Times : January 24, 2014

Couples can have their marriages solemnised in front of the 30m-tall, man-made waterfall, the world's highest inside an aviary. The Bird Park has tried to attract more locals with regular talks in schools, and credit card promotions

Couples welcome cheaper temp rental flat option

September 23, 2013

Couples who have yet to marry but are already waiting for their new flats to be built welcome the policy tweak that would allow them to rent a cheaper flat.

A relief for young couple

The Straits Times : August 19, 2013

Mr Farhan Noordin, 27, and Ms Salwa Andriana Saptu, 26, are getting married next year. While doing their sums for buying a flat, they were concerned that both of them would have to go on working even after starting a family.

Celeb brides love her

The New Paper : July 26, 2013

Fatimah Mohsin (above) had never been to a Malay wedding and had blonde hair when she did her first make-up job for a Malay bride.

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