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Sleeping beauty

New night-time powders with skincare benefits are just the thing for women who fancy looking pretty even when they are in bed
The Straits Times - July 8, 2011
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Sleeping beauty -- PHOTO: ISTOCKPHOTO

Your mother may have taught you never to sleep with your make-up on. But there is now a new product category that may challenge this conventional wisdom - skincare powders.

Cosmetics brands like Shiseido and Bare Escentuals now have powders created specially for you to wear to bed, so that you will look good even while you sleep.

Last month, Shiseido launched its White Lucent Brightening Skincare Powder ($75), a skincare powder that can be worn overnight to brighten the skin.

Mineral make-up brand Bare Escentuals launched its night powder, Pure Transformation Night Treatment Powder, in Britain and the United States in March, which it says can reduce the appearance of pores and firm up the skin.

The powder will be available in Sephora here next year.

Such products, say cosmetics brands, are not so much make-up as skincare products that also help enhance your looks.

Ms Iris Chai, assistant brand manager of Shiseido Singapore, says of the Brightening Skincare Powder, which can be worn day and night: 'As the name suggests, it is a skincare product but in powder form. It is designed to give you skincare benefits, such as brightening your complexion and reducing the appearance of spots. You don't have to use a make-up remover the morning after.

'It also gives you a smooth, matte finish. I like to use this after applying facial masks as it helps to take away the stickiness.'


Despite 'initial confusion' among customers, Ms Chai says the product has since sold about 1,000 units since its launch last month ago, a figure which she says 'exceeded expectations considering this is a new product category'.

She adds: 'Many have come back to buy their second one after trying it for a few weeks.'

There are two other night-time powders in the market from ZA and Ettusais, which have been available since 2009.

These overnight treatments are a boon to women who want to look good even in slumberland.

A poll of 1,000 women conducted by Britain's Daily Mail newspaper last month found that an increasing number of women are tempted to sleep in their make-up because they are worried about their looks.

About a quarter said they slept wearing make-up up to three times a week, and 35 per cent said they would sleep in it if they could.

Two-thirds said they were nervous to take off their make-up when they are with a new partner, while 16 per cent said they felt unattractive without their make-up on.


Such skincare powders, says dermatologist Joyce Lim of Joyce Lim Skin and Laser Clinic at Paragon Medical Suites, are a good in-between for women who feel they must wear make-up to bed.

Although she questions the 'extra cost and extra effort' that go into wearing night powders as she finds it unnecessary for women to wear make-up to sleep, these night powders, she says, at least have some skin-improving properties.

They include anti-acne ingredients to treat pimples and oil-absorbing ingredients to ensure the skin does not look greasy in the morning.

They probably will not harm your skin either, says Dr Lim, as they are formulated such that they will not clog pores or aggravate acne.

However, she warns that powders will not stay on the skin for as long as creams will, so they will be less effective as a form of skincare.

Creams are also more effective at keeping the skin well moisturised, especially for those who sleep in air-conditioned bedrooms.

Wearing conventional make-up overnight is still a no-go.

Says Dr Lim: 'Old make-up that stays on the skin contains oxidised chemicals and trapped dirt that may irritate the skin or clog the pores, making acne worse.'



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