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Pick out the right bag

Consider these 5 factors when choosing a bag to use or buy
ST701 Editorial Team - June 24, 2014
By: Huda Nabilah Afandi
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Pick out the right bag

Most people, especially ladies, need to carry a bag when they are out and about. Having a bag is convenient when you need to tote around daily essentials like your wallet, mobile phone, iPod and house keys.

Bags come in so many different shapes, sizes and designs and picking the right one out to use or buy may not be an easy decision. Here are 5 factors to consider:

1. What the event is

Be it your school prom night, a wedding dinner, a party at the hippest club or a casual day out, you have pick out an appropriate bag to use. A classic clutch will be great for a formal evening dinner and a satchel bag will be better for a laid-back look when you’re out with friends. Apart from that, think about how long you will have to carry your bag around, whether it will be comfortable to carry for that length of time and whether the look of the bag is suitable for the event.

2. How much storage you need

The event that you’re going for should give you a rough idea of how many things you need to bring. Sling bags are small enough to carry a small number of items when you’re out to the mall. Duffel bags are great when you’re going for a trip as you can fit in a few outfits and toiletries.  

3. The ratio of your body size to the bag

If you’re fashion-conscious, consider the ratio of your body size to the bag you want to carry. Petite ladies may want to avoid oversized handbags as they may weigh down on your small frame. Ladies who are plus-sized should forgo carrying tiny bags as they may only make you look larger.

4. If the bag matches your outfit

Regardless of whether they are used for a practical reason, handbags should also enhance the look of your outfit. Choose a bag that complements the colours and prints of your outfit. Going for a black handbag is safe but if you are wearing a black outfit, stand out of the crowd by picking a purple or a pink bag to go with it. If your outfit has loud patterns, tone down the look with a plain or dark coloured bag.

5. How often you can use the bag

If you don’t plan to buy a range of different handbags for different occasions, it would be wiser to invest in one or two bags which you will be reusing again for more than one event or outfit. You need to ensure that the bag you select is versatile, ie. the shape, design and colour (usually, black, white, cream or light grey) of the bag will match most of your outfits and will be appropriate for the occasions you will probably attend.

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