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Phyto Hair Spa

Just because your hair looks shiny may not mean it is healthy.
June 30, 2012
By: Tay Suan Chiang
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Phyto Hair Spa Phyto Hair Spa (above) is the first hair and scalp treatment salon in Asia endorsed by Phyto, the lauded plant- based haircare range from France. The spa's three-step programme is geared towards giving clients a fuller, healthier head of hair in about th

501 Orchard Road, Wheelock Place, #05-08A 
Tel: 6220-6948

391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, #05-26 
Tel: 6734-6776

JUST because your hair looks shiny may not mean it is healthy.

Styling techniques and hair products can endow lifeless hair with a superficial sheen, but there could be underlying issues such as scalp problems, itchiness, oiliness and thinning hair.

For hair to be healthy, it needs to have a healthy scalp. While it is necessary to shampoo hair daily to get rid of toxins and pollutants, at times, this is not enough to get healthy hair.

"The use of the right hair and scalp product is important to maintain healthy roots," says Anita Wong, creative director and founder of Phyto Hair Spa. "Often, people purchase products without realising that they may be unsuitable or even detrimental to one's scalp and hair."

This explains why Ms Wong wants consumers to know the importance of going to a professional hair treatment salon to get a scalp analysis. Using a machine, the trichologist analyses the scalp, and it is not a pretty sight. Problems such as clogged pores and dandruff are immediately revealed.

Phyto Hair Spa is the first hair and scalp treatment salon in Asia endorsed by Phyto, the plant-based haircare range from France.

Apart from Phyto, the hair spa also uses the brand's salon range, Secret Professional.

In Singapore, common hair problems include dry hair ends, oily scalp and hair thinning.

Phyto Hair Spa's trichologist Louelle Chng says that stress, pollution, malnutrition, an unhealthy lifestyle, harsh chemical processes and changes in climate can cause scalp problems.

The hair spa has a three-step programme for those who want to regain their crowning glory. It starts with a detox of the scalp to remove toxins and wastes from the deep tissues of the scalp. Without this step, the scalp remains clogged, and products, when applied will not yield the best results. The types of products to detox the scalp depends on the individual scalp.

The second step of the programme is to stabilise scalp disorders. For example, sensitive scalps will be calmed with soothing ingredients, while oily scalps benefit from purifying ingredients.

The last step is regrowth, where specific botanicals are applied to the scalp to stimulate growth of new and healthy hair.

Generally, results can be seen in three months.

The hair spa offers a salon and spa option. The former, which takes about 90 minutes, focuses on treating the scalp. The spa option, which takes three hours includes an additional scalp, neck and back massage.

Maintaining a healthy scalp requires more than just visits to the salon. "Wash your hair frequently and use a leave-on scalp serum. Do not sleep with damp or wet hair. And never use force when brushing or combing the hair," advises Ms Chng.


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